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Be Still is just one of many joyful Christian t-shirts for girls with a life-changing message that speaks for itself. that we carry. Girls everywhere struggle with who God is. Some view God as a giant cosmic killjoy. Some see Him as stern and impersonal; watching from a distance, waiting for her to slip up – then POW! right upside the head with a bolt of lightning or a nasty cold sore. As usual, the Bible can help us clear up this case of major mistaken identity.

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If you don’t know somebody, it can be easy to get weird ideas about Him – rumors don’t just walk, they fly! That’s why God sent His Son, Jesus to set the record straight. (Col 1:20)

Jesus took a lot of flack over how He presented the God of heaven. He seemed to be implying a radically different relationship than what anyone had dared to believe before. It was “My Father” this and “My Father” that, like He personally knew the God of the universe. (Matt 11:27, Luke 2:49)) He went even further. “It gives your Father great happiness to give you the kingdom.” Jesus said. (Luke 12:32) This Be Still youth Christian t-shirts is a subtle reminder that our Heavenly Father is in total control. So, we need not worry about anything.

The Bible tells us if we believe in Jesus, we have been adopted by God who we now refer to as “ABBA” or “DADDY” (Rom 8:15) “God has sent the Spirit of his Son into your hearts,” The apostle Paul writes, “and now you can call God your dear Father.” (Gal 4:6)

Now that we’ve cleared things up a bit, it’s your turn to get out there and use this inspiring youth Christian t-shirt to help you bear fruit and show ‘em WHO’S YOUR DADDY!)